Welcome to Veelzy

We started Veelzy for a simple reason: we saw that all the cycling apps out there were obsessed with numbers. How fast did you go? How do you stack up against everyone else? It felt like cycling was turning into just another competition, not the fun adventure it's supposed to be.

But think back to those bike rides that really stick in your memory. Was it the competition that made them special, or was it the feeling of freedom, the laughs with friends, and the exploring? That's what Veelzy is all about. We're here to bring the joy back into cycling. With Veelzy, it's not about beating someone else's time. It's about capturing the fun of the ride.

Share your coolest moments with friends, check out new routes time, and meet other cyclists who are more interested in a good time than a fast time. We built Veelzy because we believe cycling should be about enjoying the moment and the company. It's for those rides that leave you with stories to tell, not just numbers to compare. Whether you're out for a leisurely ride or exploring new corners of your city, Veelzy is your space to enjoy cycling your way. 

So, why wait? Jump into Veelzy and let's make cycling fun again! Welcome to the ride of your life. Welcome to Veelzy.